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I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!

In my previous postings I have posted from the perspective of an HR professional – a position I held for a number of years prior to joining HRmarketer. This post is from a job applicant’s perspective.

I recently participated in an event that was one of the biggest most ambitious recruitment events in the history of the world.I auditioned to be on a new TV show that will be called The X-Factor. In one day there were by some estimates up to 20,000 people filling out application paperwork, interviewed and sorted – and screening on the “legal right to work”.


And that was only the first of six cities on this particular “recruitment roadshow”!

They publicized the job opportunity using social media.What a great idea, they also created videos answering FAQs for applicants, regarding how to be successful in the screening process.


Hey, it worked for me! I packed some snacks and the words to a song by Billy Joel (Classic!).I stood in line; and waited, and waited (and waited!).At least it wasn’t raining, because we waited for over two hours outside the LA Sports Arena on a rainy morning last weekend.

Bruce Springsteen referred to the LA Sports Arena as “the dump that jumps”.I have to agree; the joint was rockin’, rollin’, jazzin’ and jumpin’.People were singing the bathrooms, corridors and, everywhere in between.There were cameras filming the whole process.


The people helping us through the open audition process were basically “recruiters”.We were applying for a job, one that pays five million dollars, but still, a job!


One tip for recruiters – we were treated like cattle, moving through endless lines leading nowhere, it seemed.Why not just tell the applicants, in advance, what the process would be?If it is going to take 8 hours or more to be processed, then tell the applicant!


Another tip – if you are going to ask the successful applicants to come back the next day, then let them know from the start. Some people have a life!


That said, they are to be commended on processing so many people in one day; it was truly amazing.I wonder what talent management software – if any – was used!


Once I finished waiting for my chance to sing, I was taken into a booth on the floor of the arena.There I was, my big chance for fame and fortune, and I did it!Surprise, surprise!I was selected!I had my golden ticket!

Time for paperwork – of course!I was given a contract to sign that covered what would happen if I won the 5 million dollar performing contact!It turns out they have the right to say things that are not true about me.Oh well, I signed it anyway!(I don’t recommend that you recruiters include that particular clause in your pre-employment paperwork!)

It was only then that I was told to come back the next day!Whoops, I work on Mondays.Hey maybe they could have told me that on Saturday!Good thing I work for some very understanding people!


Back on Monday– let’s just say I wasn’t a “good fit” – LOL! Still, not bad for my first time out of the gate!

Oh, well, that’s show biz, as they say!

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Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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