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Yo, HR Solution Providers. You Got Something To Say? Say It!

HRm_Kinison_SayItI’m originally from New Jersey. Born and raised. And in Jersey if you got something to say you say it. You don’t hold back (although I’ve mellowed a bit since moving to Santa Cruz).

That’s my advice for HR solution providers. You all have something to say. So say it, every chance you get.  On webinars, podcasts, Internet ‘radio” and at conferences.

Speaking is one of the most underutilized marketing strategies yet one of the most effective lead generating activities.  Just ask Kevin Connell, CEO of AccuScreen. Kevin focuses almost entirely on speaking, and he’s generated such good results that he now gives 12-15 presentations each year at human resource and related conferences. It’s his number one lead source.


Getting started on an effective speaking strategy can seem daunting; where do you even start? Look no further! One of the many amazingly cool features of HRmarketer software is its list of speaking opportunities for over 800 HR conferences. Yeah, there are that many HR speaking opportunities.  800. That’s a lot of research we’ve done for you! So, where you start is you get a license to the software, and start applying. And remember: no event is too small when it comes to speaking – especially if you’re just getting started. Even the Beatles started small, playing tiny clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg long before they ever got to Shea Stadium! It’s called building a brand.

Another great place to speak is on Internet “radio” or “Podcast” programs (especially if you’re like me and have stage fright!). You might be surprised to know it, but there are a lot of great programs in the HR marketplace.  And you guessed it – HRmarketer lists them all.

Many HR ‘influencers’ host these programs, making them a very strategic opportunity when it comes to brand amplification, building visibility, and establishing thought leadership. Some programs are live, some are recorded, and nearly all of them become available as Podcast downloads on iTunes and other services, which means your voice and your brand are going to get out there.

Below is a listing of some of these opportunities with direct links to their web sites where you can initiate contact. Good luck!

1. The Bill Kutik Radio Show   

This bi-weekly talk show features unedited and unrehearsed conversations with key HR thought-leaders. Hosted by Bill Kutik, a leading independent HR industry analyst, the show airs at noon every other Wednesday. This is a great one so at the very minimum, subscribe and listen.  You might also enjoy some of Bill Kutik’s recent columns in HR Executive magazine.

2. DriveThruHR Show

DriveThruHR offers a lunchtime discourse on topics relevant to HR professionals. Each guest speaker shares their knowledge and experience in human resources. Topics include HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR. William Tincup, Bryan Wempen and Nisha Raghavan host 30-minute episodes which air M-F 12:00 pm Central Time.  Listen and earn HRCI credits! Submit your interest in being on the show.

3. HRExaminer Radio #HRX 

HRExaminer Radio features a 30 minute hour of thought-provoking conversation about emerging ideas in HR and Recruiting with John Sumser, leading industry analyst, and a guest. #HRX Fridays @10am. More information.

4. #Tchat Radio

TalentCulture #TChat Radio Show and Twitter chat co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman interview compelling guests discussing “world of work topics” such as career management, hiring trends, leadership, learning, talent strategy, recruiting, social workplace issues, technology trends and more, every Wednesday from 7-8pm ET (4-5pm PT). Contact TChat here.

5. HR Happy Hour 

HR Happy Hour, a top downloaded HR podcast, focuses on human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. The show is hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane. If interested in appearing on the show as a guest visit this page.

6. Brandon Smith The WorkplaceTherapist  

Brandon Smith combines wit, humor, research and practicality to help audiences overcome challenges facing workplaces today. For information about Brandon and to contact him regarding a guest appearance visit the site.

7. Hire Friday #HFChat

HireFriday focuses on career search and development industry with interviews of the world’s leading experts in recruiting, human resources, performance consulting, and social media – hosted by Margo Rose. Join the Hire Friday #HFChat Fridays at noon on Twitter-ET or listen to the podcast. More information here.

8.  HR Latte

Rayanne Thorn hosts radio shows HR Latte for Biz / HR / Recruiting & Talent Management as well as OC Coast Buzz. She speaks with guests about business today, their supporting technologies, and how life consistently changes and/or intersects. Contact and follow the live action on Twitter.

9. Total Picture Radio (Peter Clayton) 

TotalPicture Radio’s produces video and podcast interviews that give a “total picture” of emerging trends; featuring recruiting and HR industry experts, thought leaders, practitioners and more. Do you have a unique story you would like to share? A company or product of interest? For more information, contact Peter.

10. View more at BlogTalk Radio

If you’re serious about speaking –and you should be– I invite you to consider getting a subscription to the HRmarketer Conferences and Speaking Opportunities research database – prices start at under $100 a month. You may just be getting started now, but “It Won’t Be Long” before we start hearing you “Hear, There, And Everywhere!”


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About the Author:

Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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