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#HotInHR: New Face of American Unemployment, Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks for 2017

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Week in Review – Popular Content

The New Face of American Unemployment – Bloomberg

As the U.S. labor force crests again, a new complex of problems locks many Americans out of the workplace. Read more.
Tags: Unemployment

Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks for 2017 – Glassdoor

We’ve identified 20 companies offering benefits that go beyond the basics and enter legendary status. Check out the full results, listed in no particular order, drawn from employees.’ Read more.
Tags: Benefits

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Trending Topics

(Should Companies Stay Silent On Political Issues? Should Men Lead “Women in the Workforce” Initiatives?, Is it easier to get a job if you’re Adam or Mohamed?)

Trending topics from the last week impact the stories this week. These are great topics to blog and Tweet about. Learn how HRmarketer software can help your HR and recruiting brand do a better job at content marketing. View plans.

Companies That Stay Silent On Political Issues Can Pay A Hefty Price – FC
Executives fear that taking a stand on Trump’s policies will be risky. My research suggests their fears are misplaced. Read more.
Tags: Ethics

Is It OK for a Bunch of Men to Lead a “Women in the Workforce” Initiative? – HBR
President Trump has just appointed two men to head up his women in the workplace initiative. The reactions are predictable: How can men appropriately represent women? Read more.
Tags: Women in the Workplace

Is it easier to get a job if you’re Adam or Mohamed? – BBC
A job seeker with an English-sounding name was offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a Muslim name, a BBC test found. Read more.
Tags: Recruiting

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Bumping: Giving long-standing employees whose positions are to be eliminated the option of taking other positions within the company that they are qualified for and that are currently held by employees with less seniority.

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