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#HotInHR: 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First, Banking Industry Addresses Diversity, Scraping By on Six Figures?

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Banking Industry Addresses Diversity, Adding Women to Boards – NYT

Banking and capital markets, often viewed as dominated by men, achieved high scores in a newly released survey measuring the diversity in their director ranks. Read more.
Related: Intel Says It Has Achieved 100% Equal Pay for All Women and Underrepresented Minorities
Tags: Women, Equal Pay, Diversity

The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First – LinkedIn

Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47 percent of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades. But which white-collar jobs will robots take first? Read more.
Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Robots

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Trending Topics

(Does HR Matter in Silicon Valley? Scraping by on Six Figures?)

Trending topics from the last week impact the stories this week. These are great topics to blog and Tweet about. Learn how HRmarketer software can help your HR and recruiting brand do a better job at content marketing. View plans.

Why Silicon Valley Doesn’t Seem to Care About HR – Bloomberg
You’re in a race to build your product and get to market, and anything that doesn’t directly contribute to that, including HR and even financial controls, is low priority. Read more.
Tags: General HR, Startups

Scraping by on Six Figures? Tech Workers Feel Poor in Silicon Valley – The Guardian
Silicon Valley’s latest tech boom, combined with a housing shortage, has caused rents to soar over the last five years. The city’s rents, by one measure, are now the highest in the world. Read more.
Tags:  Tech Workers, Cost of Living

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