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#HotInHR: Young Women Make Economic Strides As Young Men Fall, Where H-1B Visas Have Biggest Impact

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Young Women Make Economic Strides As Young Men Fall Behind In U.S. – NPR

According to a new report on young adults by the U.S. Census Bureau, young women are making economic strides moving into higher income brackets while young men are falling behind. Read more.
Tags: Census Data, Income and Gender, Millennials

Where the H-1B Visa Program Has the Biggest Impact – Fortune

Few debates in the world of tech are more heated right now than H-1B visa reform. This map shows a snapshot of the 46,081 applications processed in the most recent quarter. Read more.
Tags: H-1B Visa Program

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Trending Topics

(Money Gets in the Way of Corporate Ethics, Silicon Valley’s diversity problem brings big business, How to Prepare for AI Jobs)

Trending topics from the last week impact the stories this week. These are great topics to blog and Tweet about. Learn how HRmarketer software can help your HR and recruiting brand do a better job at content marketing. View plans.

When Money Gets in the Way of Corporate Ethics – NY Times
Several incidents in recent weeks make it clear that all too often, companies have a hard time acting ethically when that gets in the way of making more money. Read more.
Tags: Corporate Ethics

For these startups, Silicon Valley’s diversity problem brings big business – SJ Mercury News
It’s one of the tech industry’s biggest embarrassments. But for a handful of startups, Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity is also a money-making machine. Read more.
Tags: Diversity

AI will create many new jobs — here’s how you can prepare – Venture Beat
No matter the pace of change as AI makes in-roads into the workplace, humans need more training and skills development in order to be equipped for tomorrow’s jobs. Read more.
Tags: Adaptive Learning, Training, Artificial Intelligence

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Thursday, April 27th is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Over 37 million youths and adults participate in this holiday at over 3.5 million workplaces each year. The program is most beneficial for children between the ages of 8 and 18. Read more. 

Term of the Week

Artificial Intelligence: The branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. In an HR setting artificial intelligence may be helpful to remove biases in decision making.

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