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#HotInHR: Republicans Vote to Change Overtime Rules, Why We All Need Leadership Coaching, Why Minorities Leave Tech

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Week in Review – Popular Content

House Republicans just voted to change overtime rules for workers – The Washington Post

The bill — which supporters say would add flexibility to hourly workers’ schedules while opponents worry that it wouldn’t do enough to protect employees — is not a new idea. Read more.
Tags: Overtime

Wall Street Wellness Programs Are Being Used to Drive Sales – Bloomberg

Most companies want healthier employees to cut insurance costs. ING wants them to increase profit. Read more.
Tags: Benefits, Wellness Programs

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Trending Topics

(Why We All Need Leadership Coaching, How Cisco Reinvented Its Employer Brand, Why Minorities Leave Tech)

6 Reasons Why We All Need Executive Leadership Coaching – Glassdoor
In addition to c-suite execs who tap leadership coaches, all employees can benefit from developing new skills, behaviors and embarking on journey’s towards being better business people. Read more.
Tags: Leadership

How Cisco Reinvented Its Employer Brand with One Word – LinkedIn
Everyone loves a good makeover story, and Cisco’s talent brand looks entirely different—from not to hot. Read more.
Tags: Employer Branding

Here’s why women, blacks and Hispanics are leaving tech – USA Today
Toxic workplaces — where harassment, stereotyping and bullying occur — are driving away women and people of color. That’s the conclusion of a first-of-its-kind study from the Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll that explored the reasons people leave tech companies. Read more.
Tags: Minorities, Women in Tech

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