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#HotInHR: Backlash Builds Against Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley, Gender Pay Gap in White House, Workplace Romances

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Backlash Builds Against Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley – NYT

The upheaval over sexual harassment in the technology start-up industry mushroomed on Monday, with the resignation of a prominent Silicon Valley investor… Read more.
Related: If Silicon Valley Wants to Be Decent, It Should Give Up NDAs – Bloomberg
Tags: Sexual Harassment, Silicon Valley, Entrepreneurs

Zero-hours contracts affect young people’s health, study finds – The Guardian

The study, conducted by the UCL Institute of Education, found 25-year-olds employed on contracts that do not guarantee a minimum number of work hours were 41% less likely to report having good physical health compared with those with secure contracts. Read more.
Tags: Millennials, Employment

#HotInHR: Backlash Builds Against Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley, Gender Pay Gap in White House, Workplace Romances ... #WorplaceHarrassment #GenderPayGap Click To Tweet

Trending Topics

The Gender Pay Gap in Trump’s White House Is Worse Than the National Average – Fortune
Last week the White House released its annual report to Congress that disclosed the salaries of its staffers. In doing so, it also revealed a gender pay gap among officials that’s wider than the national average. Read more.
Tags: Public Sector, Compensation

Workplace Romance: Who-Dates-Who Might Surprise You – SHRM
Of all the employees at an organization, who do you suspect most often reports having had a workplace romance? Not the rank-and-file. Not the intermediate-level managers. Not the middle-level managers. Read more.
Tags: Workplace Romances

Humans vs. Robots: How to Thrive in an Automated Workplace – Fortune
Are robots going to take our jobs? Will artificial intelligence make it even easier? How will automation really affect the global workforce and economy? Read more.
Tags: Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence

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