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#HotInHR: LinkedIn, HiQ Spat Present Big Questions, Google’s New App Called Hire, Replacing Competition With Camaraderie

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Week in Review – Popular Content

LinkedIn, HiQ spat presents big questions for freedom, innovation

Mark Weidick thought it had to be some kind of mistake…in late May, the CEO of HiQ Labs, a data analytics startup in San Francisco, received a letter from LinkedIn, ordering his company to stop using data from user profiles. Read more.
Tags: HR Tech

Google Takes Aim At Recruiting Software Market With New App Called Hire – Forbes

With a new application called Hire, Google is taking aim at the small- and medium-sized business part of the recruiting market. Read more.
Related: Hire Power: What Google’s New Applicant Tracking System Means for HR Technology 
Also Related: ATSs Are Jumping Into Bed with Google for Jobs and Job Boards Should Be Nervous
Tags: ATSs

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Trending Topics

You Don’t Have to be College-Bound to Take a Gap Year – NYT
Unpaid sabbatical leave is offered by only 12 percent of employers, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, and only 4 percent of employers offered paid leave programs last year. As a result, most adult gap experiences require quitting a job. Read more.
Tags: Sabbatical leave

How New York’s Best Companies Are Replacing Competition With Camaraderie – Fortune
For many of us, New York City might conjure up a hectic work life—long commute times, demanding workloads, a cutthroat atmosphere. Yet our recent Best Workplaces in New York list found that the best companies are defying that stereotype. Read more.
Tags: Best Workplaces

Is Your Boss Too Controlling? Many Employees Clash With Micromanagers – NPR
One in three tech employees feel that their bosses have a negative impact on company culture, according to a survey of 20,000 workers in the tech industry. Read more.
Tags: Micromanagers

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