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#HotInHR: Unilever: Resumes Are Out, Algorithms Are In; How Minimum Wage Raise Affects Jobs in Seattle; Why Take a Break and Go Outside

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Unilever’s Radical Hiring Experiment, Resumes Are Out, Algorithms Are In – Dow Jones

Ms. Jaffer had filled out a job application, played a set of online games and submitted videos of herself responding to questions about how she’d tackle challenges of the job. The reason she found herself in front of a hiring manager? A series of algorithms recommended her. Read more.
Tags: AI, Recruiting

How a Rising Minimum Wage Affects Jobs in Seattle – NYT

Three years ago, Seattle became one of the first jurisdictions in the nation to embrace a $15-an-hour minimum wage… two studies have purported to demonstrate the effects of the first stages of that increase — but with starkly diverging results. Read more.
Tags: Minimum Wage

#HotInHR: Unilever: Resumes Are Out, Algorithms Are In, Why Take a Break and Go Outside; How Minimum Wage Raise Affects Jobs in Seattle ... #careers #AI Click To Tweet

Trending Topics

Why You Should Tell Your Team to Take a Break and Go Outside – HBR
Adding a little wilderness to your corporate offices may just be the smartest move you can do this year. Read more.
Tags:  Stress reduction, Productivity

Want a $1 Million Paycheck? Skip College and Go Work in a Lumberyard – Bloomberg
High-paying blue-collar jobs go unfilled as millions of Americans take on loads of college debt. Building-supply giant 84 Lumber says it has the answer. Read more.
Tags: Jobs, Careers

Almost half of highly skilled EU workers ‘could leave UK within five years’ – The Guardian
Deloitte study finds 47% were considering leaving after Brexit, while overall one-third of non-British workers could leave. Read more.
Tags: Brexit, EU

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Event Recap

Unleash Your People – 5 Key Learnings from HR Tech World San Francisco –  Like a latter day Julius Caesar, Marc Coleman and his HR Tech World garrison came, saw and conquered the US with a rambunctious inaugural HR Tech World in San Francisco on 14-15 June.
Tags: HR Tech

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Term of the Week

Labor certification: Labor certification is a statement from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that a particular position at a particular company is “open.” It is the first step in the process of obtaining a green card.  Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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