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#HotInHR: Is Being a White Supremacist Grounds for Firing? Work Can Be Stressful, Dangerous And Sometimes Great

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Is Being a White Supremacist Grounds for Firing? – The Atlantic

Americans are pressuring employers to prove that hate speech has real consequences. Read more.
Tags: Employer Policy

Work Can Be Stressful, Dangerous And Sometimes Great – NPR

If you think your job is more stressful than it should be, you’re not alone. Americans work hard, and it takes a physical and mental toll, not to mention that it frequently cuts into personal time, according to a comprehensive survey on working conditions the nonpartisan RAND Corporation published Monday. Read more.
Tags: Work Stress

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Trending Topics

U.S. Judge Says LinkedIn Cannot Block Startup From Public Profile Data
A U.S. federal judge last Monday ruled that Microsoft Corp’s LinkedIn unit cannot prevent a startup from accessing public profile data, in a test of how much control a social media site can wield over information its users have deemed to be public. Read more.
Tags: LinkedIn, HiQ

Tech’s Damaging Myth of the Loner Genius Nerd
The myth that programming is done by loner men who think only rationally and communicate only with their computers harms the tech industry in ways that cut straight to the bottom line. Read more.

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Cara’s Corner

Odd, ironic, satirical stories on corporate business, HR and more. Unearthed by our own HRmarketer office dog, Cara.

Century-old fruitcake found in ‘almost edible’ condition
A fruitcake more than 100 years old was recently discovered in near-edible condition by conservators in Antartica. The New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust uncovered a rusted iron alloy tin in Cape Adare containing the fruitcake which could be at least 106 years old. Read more.

Did You Know

August 26 is National Dog Day!
Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for over 15,000 years. We rely on our wonderful canine companions to keep us safe, bring us comfort, and love us unconditionally.

Check out the official Dog Day website for more ideas!

Term of the Week

Pareto chart: A quality assurance tool that ranks information, like reasons for certain problems, in descending order. The goal is to identify the most serious problems so improvements can be made.

Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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