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#HotInHR: Men and Women Differences Vastly Exaggerated, the Rise of the Racist Robots, How to Mentor From Miles Away

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Differences between Men and Women are Vastly Exaggerated – LinkedIn

If you’ve read the recent memo by a Silicon Valley engineer about diversity, you probably had a strong emotional reaction. Emotions aside, here’s what meta-analyses tell us about gender differences. Read more.
Tags: Gender Bias

Big Employers Say They Will Continue To Offer Health Plans To Their Workers – NPR

Eager to attract good help in a tight labor market — and unsure of the future of the Affordable Care Act — large employers are newly committed to maintaining health coverage for workers and often for their families, too, according to new research and interviews with business analysts. Read more.
RELATED: Large employers say health plans will cost more than $14,000 for an employee in 2018
Tags: Benefits, Healthcare

#HotInHR: Men and Women Differences Vastly Exaggerated, the Rise of the Racist Robots, How to Mentor From Miles Away ... #GenderBias #Mentoring Click To Tweet

Trending Topics

Rise of the racist robots – how AI is learning all our worst impulses
There is a saying in computer science: garbage in, garbage out. When we feed machines data that reflects our prejudices, they mimic them – from antisemitic chatbots to racially biased software. Does a horrifying future await people forced to live at the mercy of algorithms? Read more.
Tags: Benefits, Healthcare

Apple’s New Headquarters Proves That the Coolest Offices Will Have These 3 Things
The office destination of the future will nourish your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Read more.
Tags: Workplace

How to Mentor From Miles Away
Dispensing with the usual meet-ups over coffee, two biomedical engineers created a platform to more easily connect young people with professional guidance. Read more.
Tags: Mentoring

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White House Communications Director Search Gets Professional Help
HireMojo, Inc., the Hiring Automation Platform™ company, announced that it has initiated a professional search for the next White House Communications Director. Read more.

Did You Know

National Water Quality Month is an annual designation observed in August.
Make an effort to keep your water sources clean. Using non-toxic house products, not dumping things other than water down storm drains, and not flushing medication down the toilet or sink are just a few things you can do to keep the water in your area clean. Post on social media using #WaterQualityMonth.

Term of the Week

General Agents: General agents are middleman for carriers and brokers and usually focus on the 250 employee market. Usually an individual appointed by a life or health insurer to administer its business in a given territory. GAs are important for companies who sell to small employers or brokers e.g., benefits administration software providers. Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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