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The Most Active and Mentioned Tweeters at HR Conferences in 2017

More than 1,000 HR and related events took place around the world in 2017. That’s a lot, and we (HRmarketer) monitor and analyze all of them—including every single tweet including a conference hashtag—from regional SHRM events to national conferences like the HR Technology Conference. Here are several fun rankings based on our analysis of the Twitter conversations at HR events in 2017:

(1) Most Mentioned at HR Conferences

To be included in this first list, the Twitter ID had to be mentioned at a minimum of five HR conferences.  As you can see from the list below, SHRM was No. 1.  @SHRM was mentioned nearly 6,000 times across 55 different conferences in 2017! Not bad. Most of the Twitter accounts on this list are either associations or HR solution providers. The top mentioned individuals were @Josh_Bersin, @rwang0, @sbrownehr, @LaszloBock and @TimSackett. Very impressive. 

The top ten most mentioned HR solution providers were @IBM, @Oracle, @Workday, @SuccessFactors, @SAP, @Globoforce, @IBMWatson, @UltimateHCM, @ADP, @Infor and @Ceridian.

(2) Mentioned at the Most HR Conferences

This list is the top 25 Twitter accounts mention at the most different HR conferences. Tops on this list is LinkedIn. @LinkedIn was mentioned nearly 2,500 times at 84 different HR conferences. Clearly, LinkedIn has a presence at a lot of HR events. So does Google and, once again, SHRM. The top five individuals again included @sbrownehr@TimSackett, @rwang0, and @Josh_Bersin, while @holgermu is the new name on the list. These guys clearly get around—and our guess is they have an excellent sense of what is happening in the HR industry.

(3) Most Tweets at HR Conferences

This third list includes the top 25 Twitter accounts based on the number of tweets, with the qualification that a Twitter ID had to tweet at a minimum of five HR conferences to make the list. William Tincup was No. 1 with 2,634 tweets.

(4) Tweets at the Most HR Conferences

Our final list includes the Twitter accounts that tweeted at the most HR conferences. Number one on the list is @HRDigitalBE, which tweeted at 85 different HR events! The top four individuals included @jackyeclayton, @Giocante@sbrownehr and InFullBloomUS.  

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