Article: Tradeshows are Expen$ive: 33 Tips to Maximize Your Return on Exhibiting

May 9, 2013 No comments

Exhibiting isn’t cheap. From booth fees to plane tickets to hotels, the costs add up quickly. Yet most companies make critical mistakes or fail to fully take advantage of the opportunities that tradeshows provide.

Our article “Tradeshows are Expen$ive: 33 Tips to Maximize Your Return on Exhibiting” (no registration required) provides specific, often outside-the-box ideas on best exhibiting practices, covering everything from planning to working the booth to measuring results. It’s easy-to-follow format covers all major parts of the exhibiting process, including:

  • Before you decide to exhibit
  • Picking shows
  • Before a show
  • During a show
  • After a show

While not every tip is appropriate for every exhibitor, this article will give you some new ideas, and help you think critically about how you can become a better exhibitor.

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Article: Content Marketing – The Best Way to Reach Today’s HR Buyer.

February 12, 2013 No comments

Content marketing is all about winning your prospects’ hearts (and their business) through great content – articles, blog posts, white papers, reports … anything that helps them grow their business and increase their knowledge.

Our latest paper, “Content Marketing: The Best Way to Reach Today’s HR Buyer,” tells you:

  • Why content marketing helps you influence HR and reach a greater portion of HR decision makers
  • The best tools and strategies to develop a successful content marketing campaign from start to finish
  • The tools and strategies to create, integrate, track and nurture sales leads from content marketing

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Your Social Media Starter Kit for Content Marketing

January 10, 2013 No comments

Content is the foundation of social media marketing and most likely a part of your 2013 marketing plan. (If it’s not, it should be.) Whether you write a white paper, article or tip sheet or produce a webinar, podcast, video or infographic – content is crucial for your marketing, lead generation, thought leadership and SEO.

After spending hours of valuable time to create your content, are you leveraging social media to its fullest to publish, promote and share your content? Our latest white paper – Your Social Media Starter Kit for Content Marketing – provides tips and resources to achieve the most benefit from your content marketing efforts.

What is covered in this white paper:

• The strategic content marketing process
• The social media channels to use for promoting your content – and strategies on how to use them
• How to find influencers to add to your network and share your content with
• And much more!

Get your copy now:

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How To Use Personalized PR To Create Big Buzz

November 11, 2012 No comments

Success stories with personalized PR are mounting, yet most companies still default to mass emails to large distribution lists. These mass depersonalized emails – “Dear (NAME)” – flood journalists’ in-boxes, from dozens to hundreds per day. Amidst this deluge, the companies that tailor communication to specific journalists stand out, and thus get more attention.

What you’ll get out of this white paper:

• The three steps of personalized PR
• Does “spray & pray” still have a place in PR?
• Specific success stories of personalized PR

Get your copy now:

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10 Ways to EFFECTIVELY Market Your HR Business With Social Media

October 1, 2012 No comments

Social Media Overload

You see it. In fact, you can’t avoid it. Like the rest of us, you are being bombarded with social media. You understand the game is changing. But there is so much information, you feel paralyzed.

Marketing with Social Media

Where do you even start? Or if you have started, are you investing your efforts in the best places and the most effective ways?

Download this new whitepaper, 10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business With Social Media, from HR influencer and marketing expert John Sumser of HRxAnalysts. You’ll learn10 simple ways to harness social media to get more visibility for your product and grow your company. You don’t have to spend a fortune to put these tactics to work. You don’t even have to use them all. Start wherever you feel comfortable.

Get your copy now!

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Download A New White Paper from HRmarketer: Want People To Hear You? Then Listen

April 30, 2012 comments (2)

Download This Complimentary White Paper Now - No Registration Required!Social media offers great potential for B2B marketers and PR pros. At the same time, however, social media creates enormous challenges. From the conversations that are simultaneously taking place on an expanding number of social channels, news sites and blogs, you need to be able to filter out the terabytes of unwanted chatter to identify the conversations and information that matter to you.

Further complicating things is that in addition to having to analyze the conversations from journalists and analysts—those who traditionally dominated and controlled the B2B conversations—you now have to consider a variety of other social media users who have strong influence, such as HR and other B2B decision makers, recruiters, consultants, speakers and solution providers.

By being aware of and monitoring all the online conversations—from both traditional outlets and emerging social channels—marketers can better target their news, grow their social footprint and online visibility, make better pitches and better business decisions and choose better and more timely topics for their white papers, webcasts and blog posts.

Social monitoring software has been developed to help monitor these conversations, measure a brand’s online sentiment and track keyword mentions by listening to the 140 characters in a tweet or to Facebook updates and, in some cases, blog posts. A deeper level of analysis affords numerous opportunities for marketing and PR professionals, from being able to spot trending topics, the people who are most influencing these topics, the most popular or shared content on these topics and getting insights into the topics most discussed by individual influencers or groups of influencers relevant to your product category.

Social Listening and Engagement software allows you also to analyze the broader and deeper conversations taking place online beyond just social networks, the context of these discussions, the types of people participating in these conversations and their level of engagement for a specific topic.

How does one use Social Listening and Engagement software and the information it
provides to deliver measurable improvements to their marketing and public relations?

That is the focus of this paper.

This paper will show you some of the things you can do with Social Listening and
Engagement software, give instruction on how to use it and provide real-world success stories on how this scientific approach to PR and marketing can generate quick results.

Download our new white paper today!

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Download New White Paper from HRmarketer: Social Influence – Thriving in a New World of Media Relations

January 24, 2012 comments (2)

Download This Complimentary White Paper Now - No Registration Required!Social media has created a world of dizzying potential: it’s incredibly easy to share your news with press, analysts, and decision-makers. Yet media relations is tougher than ever! As the pendulum swings from print to online media, the traditional roles of journalists and analysts are merging into a community of bloggers, HR professionals, consultants and other influencers. The resulting conversations are cascading into a supernova of online noise.

Call them “influencers” or “social voices” . . . whatever the buzzword, you need to reach the right people. But how? This definitive article charts the online evolution of media relations and offers tips for navigating the brave new world of social influence.

You’ll learn about:
• The changing media and influencer landscape
• The need to join online conversations
• Brand visibility and content marketing
• How media analytics tools cut through the noise
• 10 steps for media relations in a social world
• The core principle: tell compelling stories

Download our new white paper today! No registration required.

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