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"As my desperation grew for some 11th-hour quotes to a feature article I was writing for Human Resource Executive, I gave HR Source Net a try. And wouldn't you know, an invaluable source was on the phone within 20 minutes of sending out my query. I couldn't believe how quickly this tool worked. In the future, I won't hesitate to approach HR Source Net sooner rather than later." - Bruce Shutan, a freelance writer who has been covering the HR and benefits industry for 15 years.

"I tried HR Source Net on a whim and within hours was contacted by two good sources for an article I was doing on telework trends. It's a quick easy way to find new valuable contacts and I'd recommend it to any journalist in the HR industry. I'll be sure to use you again as my needs arise."

- Sarah Fister Gale, Freelance Writer

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