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Upcoming Virtual Conference Series (March 13, 2012):

"Sales and Social Marketing 101 . . . and Beyond"
Tuesday, March 13, 11am-4:30pm ET

We are joining forces with to offer a series of virtual workshop events. Each event will offer four informative webcast sessions on marketing, technology, PR and tools to build your company's brand visibility and sales.

Whether you're a beginner or expert in sales, PR, and marketing, you can choose sessions to help you do your job more effectively using the latest social media technologies and techniques. Check the lineup of sessions for our first event on Tuesday, March 13 and register now.

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February 2012 Webinar: "Content Is The New Currency - Here's How To Get Rich"

Data, newsfeeds, alerts and the like create noise, hiding content critical for your particular universe and need. Listen to our exciting discussion featuring two unique technology offerings to help you understand smart and relevant content critical to the success of your business.

Content Outside Your Organization - Social Ears In today's noisy B2B marketplace, it's difficult to quickly identify the online topics and trends you need for your business and well as the influencers driving the trends. And the endless Googling just doesn't cut it anymore. You need to know which analysts, journalists and media outlets to target now, not to mention the new realm of social influencers made up of practitioners, consultants and other vendors.

Content Inside Your Organization - Talent Analytics Enterprise software vendors face an uphill battle to differentiate, innovate and resist becoming a commodity. Customer demands for instant value, conflicts with actual time and effort requirements before value can be realized. To bridge this gap, software vendors are looking to content providers that can feed high value employee content into their software, with little or no integration.

Listen to this webinar now by clicking the "play" button above, or visit our full archive to see previous webinars from earlier this year.


SpeakersFebruary 2012 Webinar: "Understanding The Business Voice of HR"

In today's noisy HR B2B marketplace, it's difficult to differentiate your products and services from your competition. And with cloud computing becoming more mainstream and human resources becoming more of a savvy buyer when it comes to all kinds of talent acquisition and talent management systems, you really need to understand and communicate with the business voice of HR. Sadly, you're not understanding or communicating with HR very well, are you. We can help! Join HRmarketer and its special panel -- influential Social Voices and HR practitioners Dwane Lay, Franny Oxford and Kimberly Roden -- for an interactive discussion on how to better understand and communicate with the business voice of HR. During this webinar, we asked our panel these questions:

1) How does HR prefer to be contacted initially by vendors and why?
2) What are the best types of vendor content and why?
3) Best practices are great, but what makes the most compelling business case with HR and why?
4) What are some of the biggest myths about selling to HR and why?

Watch The Archived Recording >

John SumserJanuary 2012 Webinar: "Making Sense of Social Technologies"

Principal Analyst John Sumser of HRxAnalysts recently hosted a webinar, "Making Sense of Social Technologies." HRxAnalysts just published the 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting. The research report documents the ongoing shift in how organizations acquire and manage technology. The various tools and techniques of social technology are entering the organization from the ground up. Surprisingly, social media is slow to take hold - the major social media companies are nearly a decade old and still HR and recruiting penetration is less than 20%. Even so, the claims of evangelists and vendors demand urgency.

In this webinar, our attendees learned:

  • • How to spot the optimal moment for implementing a social media strategy
  • • Where and when to direct your social media experiments
  • • The risks and benefits of social media driven referrals
  • • What's really working and what lies ahead

Watch The Archived Recording >

Lance Haun
December 2011 Webinar: "Understanding Today's Media Relations and Social PR"

You spend weeks writing a press announcement -- getting the language just right, gathering feedback and approvals -- so why take shortcuts when it's time to send it to the media? This interactive webinar on media relations features special guest Lance Haun, contributing editor of ERE and, and Elrond Lawrence, HRmarketer's vice president of media relations. They discuss how media relations has evolved in the age of social media, how to target the right journalists, and how to get your news noticed.

Other topics include:

  • • Writing a good introduction for your press release
  • • The importance of personalizing your news or story pitch
  • • What makes for a newsworthy topic
  • • What not to send a journalist

Watch The Archived Recording >

November 2011 Webinar:
"You Built It, They Bought It, But Do They Use It? Improving User Adoption"

William TincupYour customers spend a lot of resources implementing your software products. So why is there such a gap between their expectations of your software and actual results they experience? In fact, according to HR software user adoption expert, William Tincup, SPHR, your own customers' user adoption is shockingly poor. And we're talking about lots of different kinds of "software" -- as in systems, platforms, applications, point solutions, and even more granular - think recruiting (ATS- applicant tracking system), performance, succession, compensation, learning, HRIS, payroll, and the list goes on. Join special guest William Tincup, SPHR, for this archived webinar.

Watch The Archived Recording >

September 2011 Webinar: "Social makes for good story."

Mug ShotsIf you sell products and services in the HR B2B marketplace, social media marketing is the one channel where you should focus on creating an emotional connection between you and your buyers and influencers. And you do that with digital storytelling. Watch this webinar archive with Kevin W. Grossman, Chief Marketplace Evangelist at, and his special guest Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR, CEO of Xceptional HR and master blogger of Blogging4Jobs, for an overview of social media marketing and digital storytelling.

Archived Recording Coming Soon >


August 2011 Webinar: "Best Practices in Trade Show Marketing"

HR B2B trade show are year round but there's no better time to review your event marketing strategy and tactics than today. Watch this webinar archive with expert guests Audrey Johnson, Visibility Manager at WorldatWork, and Fred Kurst, Exhibit Sales Manager at Human Resource Executive® Magazine, for a detailed look at trade show marketing best practices.

Watch The Archived Recording >


July, 2011 Webinar: "HR B2B Marketing Is Much More Than Social. Dude."

Social MediaHR B2B companies today are selling to the business at large, and that includes executive management, IT, operations, finance, HR, recruiting, talent management, training, and the list goes on and on. It's become a much more complex marketing and sales effort than ever before, and there is just as much diversity and complexity with marketing and PR tactics that goes beyond a Tweet or a top 25 list.

Marketing should still include a diverse mix of marketing and PR activities. Watch this webinar archive to learn more.

Watch The Archived Recording >



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