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  HR Buyer's Guide Profile: Beacon Group (The)

 General Information:

Senior VP & COO
Toronto, CN, Canada
Markets Serviced:
All 50 states
Year Founded:
Not Disclosed
Total Employees:
Not Disclosed
Total Revenue:
Not Disclosed
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Human Capital Planning * Executive Coaching * Assessment Tools * Competency * Leadership Development * Surveys * Strategic Planning *

Company Description:

The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We work with organizations in all sectors and industries in the development of their business strategies and in helping them
leverage their investment in human capital.

Our practice is divided into four main areas of expertise:

Strategy: The heart of an outstanding, relevant and progressive Strategic Plan
depends on the quality of a healthy strategic thinking process.
We distinguish ... ourselves by the way we work with leadership teams to help facilitate
their Strategic Planning process, and by the tools, processes and approach we use to help
craft the final result and ensure it is clearly communicated.

Culture: The soul of a healthy culture is reflected in the mindsets, attitudes, values,
beliefs, character and behaviors of its people.
We differentiate ... ourselves by helping leaders build a bridge between their strategic goals and business objective aand the values, competencies and behaviors expected
from Managers, Executives and Employees.

Talent: The body of any great organization is shaped by the ambitions, talents and
imagination of its people.
We dedicate ... ourselves to building rigorous systems for identifying, measuring
and developing the core talent of an organization. We focus on accelerating performance
in the short-term while building capability for the long-term.

Leadership: The mind of the truly great leader is fueled by intensity, curiosity and a
sense of adventure and passion.
We deliver ... improved business results by finding novel ways to leverage the value of
“Leadership Capital”. We help maximize the capability of leaders at all levels. We ensure
their development is directed in targeted, constructive and productive ways.

By combining these key areas, clients of the Beacon Group receive the very best in terms of focus, dedication and guidance. This equips them so they can realize their true potential – and that goes for the individual as well as the organization.

 Product and Service Description:

The Beacon Group specializes in workplace diagnostics such as employee surveys, 360 degree feedback and other assessments. In addition we offer management training and other advising services.

 Our focus areas:

•  Screening / Assessment   Expand this section
•  Talent Management / Employee Relations   Expand this section
•  Training and Development   Expand this section
•  HR Consulting  

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