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Saturday, January 24, 2015
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  HR Buyer's Guide Profile: HomeBenefitIQ

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Bellevue, WA, USA
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Company Description:

It is the employer's choice to make their employee benefit packages more desirable through a variety of products without adding the expense to their organization's bottom line. HomeBenefitIQ is one of those programs that adds real value to any organization’s benefits at “no cost” and very “little administration”.

HomeBenefitIQ is a financial fitness program that brings screened real estate and financial professionals to your employees. They will receive pre-negotiated savings and valuable services through the HomeBenefitIQ's web portal, e-newsletters and education seminars. All designed to make your people more successful outside of the workplace.

Please take four minutes and view our informational movie at:
www.HRbenefitManager.com, use code BIQ2 to gain access.

 Product and Service Description:

Many analysts predict that views on retirement plans will change if the next generation of workers arrives at retirement having no stable lifetime income, insufficient 401(k) balances, little personal savings and the realization that they will have to continue to work to survive.

Given the fact that there are four generations in the workforce, how do you truly assess what is important to them in different lifestages? Employees are looking for a work-value proposition that meets their needs and the traditional 401(k) and other savings plans may not be the total answer.

Fortunately, HomeBenefitIQ provides a variety of tools, articles and on- & off-site seminars to bring greater financial wellness to your employees. Making them more financially fit will assist them meet the uncertain future and help them be more productive when they are at work.

 Our focus areas:

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