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Friday, January 30, 2015
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  HR Buyer's Guide Profile: eGrabber, Inc

 General Information:

Marketing Specialist
San Jose, CA, USA
Markets Serviced:
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resume screening software * Internet research tool * resume import tool * resume processing software * candidate sourcing tool * candidate lead generation * resume data entry software * resume parsing * resume search software *

Company Description:

eGrabber develops Internet research tools that enable automated real time candidate sourcing and lead generation from the Internet.

Over 100,000 sales, marketing and recruitment and staffing professionals use out tools to accelerate list-building, candidate-sourcing and Internet lead-research.

 Product and Service Description:

Do you spend hours, days or weeks using search engines to find candidates for open job positions? If your answer is yes, then eGrabber's solutions can save you precious time by quickly finding matching resumes for your requirements.

Simply enter a resume keyword, and our tool will run multiple search requests on search engines to find and display matching resumes from the Internet. You can then import, screen and automatically transfer these resumes to your existing database.

 Our focus areas:

  Recruitment / Staffing   Expand this section
  Outsourcing   Expand this section

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