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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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  HR Buyer's Guide Profile: SHRM

 General Information:

Reg, Sls. Mgr.
morganville, NJ, USA
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Company Description:

 Product and Service Description:

We are an association for HR professionals. SHRM has more than 575 affiliate chapters both in the United States and abroad, which provide additional programming and networking opportunities in your local area. SHRM chapters are autonomous organizations, so it is not automatic that you will be a member of your local chapter when you join SHRM at the national level, and vice versa.

 Our focus areas:

•  Payroll Services  
•  Employee Benefits  
•  Training and Development  
•  Compliance  
•  Outsourcing  
•  HR Consulting  
•  HRIS and/or ERP Solutions  
•  Marketing and Public Relations  

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