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Information Outlaws: Reining in Data Brokers

Information Outlaws:  Reining in Data Brokers

In some corners, data collection has become the Wild, Wild, West: unruly and unregulated. Well, not anymore. As 2012 drew to a close, two federal agencies made it clear that they intend to continue their focus on web-based information providers—so-called “data brokers.” Read more...

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Rethink Privacy When it Comes to Facebook

Facebook is a seemingly bottomless treasure trove of juicy intel. As such, I always recommend that users lock down their privacy settings if they want to keep “the man” out of their timelines. Public posts are fair game for employers and anyone else who is interested. So it would seem, after making the recommended changes to our profiles, we can enthusiastically post all of those choice pictures from the weekend, confident that we are safely shielded by the invisible fence provided by Facebook. Or can we? Read more...

Duck Test: FTC Cracks Down on Mobile App Background Checks

If it looks like a duck…well, you know how it goes. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reached a settlement with Filiquarian Publishing LLC, Choice Level LLC, and their CEO, Joshua Linsk, for selling a mobile job applicant screening tool that included criminal background checks.
The FTC charges that the company operated as a consumer reporting agency (CRA), compiling criminal reports without first certifying permissible purpose, notifying consumers of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), or assuring accuracy of the reports. It also failed to tell users of the reports about their obligations under the FCRA, including the requirement to notify consumers if an adverse action was taken against them based on a report. The settlement order prohibits the company from future FCRA violations.Read more...

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