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HRmarketer software improves your vision of the HR marketplace, improving your brand’s visibility.

HRmarketer software gives you the information you need — accurate and up-to-date — to run a more effective marketing and PR department. We combine this information with the industry’s leading news distribution and market analysis platforms. Our software includes Research, News Distribution and Insight.

For nearly 15 years, HRmarketer has been the trusted software for HR brands, industry influencers and key analysts wanting to enhance their visibility and improve their knowledge of the marketplace. There really is nothing quite like HRmarketer. The information in HRmarketer cannot be easily obtained anywhere else…

How We’re Unique

For nearly 15 years, HRmarketer has helped companies improve their visibility and brand recognition in the HR and employee benefits marketplace. Developed exclusively for the HCM and benefits marketplace, HRmarketer software provides real-time data and rich industry insights to drive your marketing and media relations campaigns.

HRmarketer software improves your vision of the HR marketplace so you can improve your brand’s visibility.

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    We’re HR born and bred.

    We’ve served the HR and employee benefits marketplace since our start. No other HR marketing software company knows this space better than HRmarketer.

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    We live data.

    As a company matures, its ability to analyze and understand data increases. At HRmarketer, we can visualize the entire landscape of HR because we have walked much of it over the 15 years of our existence. We believe in data. Accurate, easy-to-understand and scalable data. Data with meaning. Data as truth.

  • It‘s never about the technology. It’s about you!

    HRmarketer is not a technology company. We are a people company. You come first; what we can deliver to meet your business needs is our goal, not writing fancy software (though we try to do that, as well).

Our Thoughts

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