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Leading HCM brands, bloggers, analysts, influencers, event organizers and recruiters use Insight to get marketplace intelligence that simply can’t be gotten anywhere else. That’s not an exaggeration. Every day we analyze tens of thousands of HR- and benefits-related tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates,  and over 5,000 new pieces of content — including news stories, thought leadership articles, professional blog posts and more.

We can tell you who’s writing this content, how popular it is, the brands mentioned, and the people who are sharing and interacting with this content. We can also tell you whose engaging with any of the hundreds of  global HR and benefits conferences we track and provide you with the details of your competitor’s social networks. No marketing decision can effectively be made in today’s business environment without great data. HRmarketer software is all about data.

  • Get an Eagle’s Eye View From Your Dashboard...

  • Conduct Searches by Keyword and Tag Cloud - Across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and More

  • ... Get Your Results by Content...

  • ...Or By Influencer...

  • And Instantly Share To All of Your Social Networks.

  • ...And Don’t Forget Our Custom Reports!


Insight analyzes the published online content and social data of the entire HR and benefits marketplace and empowers our customers to take a scientific approach to decision-making, giving them a competitive edge by reducing their reliance on the hunches so often associated with marketing.

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    View the content being published/shared on social for topics important to your business. See the people engaging with these topics and content, and the influencers most effective in promoting this content.

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    Get Personal

    Select topics to build your content marketing around and for each topic view the most popular content on social, the people and brands engaging with the topic and related topics and hashtags.  Get notified when anyone in your network publishes or shares content related to your topics.

  • 📞

    Build Relationships

    Identify the journalists, bloggers, analysts and other influencers who are most important to your business and marketing campaigns.  View their profiles to get contact and demographic details, a tag cloud of their interests, links to their shared content and social updates, who they mention the most on social, who mentions them the most and  the events they engage with.

  • Share

    Connect your social accounts and seamlessly share content on your social channels. See who’s engaging with your shared content, what social channel is most effective and what content gets the most clicks.

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    Expand Your Visibility

    Improve your content marketing and brand journalism by getting suggestions for the blog topics most likely to resonate with your audience, and content specific hashtag suggestions to expand the reach of your promoted content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and G+.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    How does your brand visibility compare to competitors? What influencers are engaged, or not engaged, with your brand?  What events do your competitors participate in?  Who’s following your competitors? What are their job titles, geographic locations and contact details? Our software provides HR solution providers with an almost unfair marketing advantage.

Don’t take our word for it.

David McInnis

HRmarketer software gets an A+ on social analytics.

David McInnisCEO, Cranberry Venture Partners (founded PRWeb)
Brent Skinner

In a world where the word “innovation” is often bandied about loosely, HRmarketer software really is an innovative solution.

Brent SkinnerMarketing Manager, Ceridian HCM
William Tincup

This is really cool stuff… Attention HCM Vendors: prolly need to pay attention to HRmarketer software.

William Tincup
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