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Why People Love HRmarketer:

Simply put, HRmarketer makes it easy! If you are marketing to the HR community, you need HRmarketer. Saving me time and dollars, HRmarketer features the most robust database of media lists, event schedules, and campaign management tools; and the dynamics of Insight directs me to the influencers I need instantly. I highly recommend not only the product, but the support staff behind HRmarketer.

– Donna Mason
Sr. Director of Marketing,
First Advantage

“One of my favorite features on HRmarketer software is their Twitter hashtag function providing you the most current or most popular hashtags in the HR marketplace.”

– Jessica Miller-Merrell
President and CEO,
Xceptional HR

“HRmarketer has been such a powerful resource for Berkshire. It is a literal one-stop-shop for our public relations and marketing needs, specifically for the latest industry awards, tradeshows, and speaking engagements through the in-depth informational databases. HRmarketer’s media outlets database & campaign management tools provide us with a platform to easily develop the targeted media lists and press release distribution techniques needed to reach our audience.”

– Lauren Collinson
Senior Communications Specialist,
Berkshire Associates Inc.