Marketing Software for the HR and Benefits Marketplace

Share Great Content. Pick The Best Hashtags. Comment on Blogs. Speak at Conferences. Win Awards. Write Better Content. Connect with the Right People on Social. Secure Analyst Briefings. Place Byline Articles. Exhibit at the Best Events. Find Journalists Interested in your News. Recognize New Followers.  Quickly Get In Front of People Your Competition Is Newly Engaging With on Social.

Great HR Brands Already Do These Activities. HRmarketer Helps Them Do It Better.

Our Approach

HRmarketer software includes three modules. Research gives you accurate and up-to-date information to run a more efficient marketing and PR department. Insight analyzes the social conversations and published content for the entire HR and benefits marketplace. News Distribution allows you to send press releases to media contacts and major search engines and news sites.

The Results

HRmarketer has been helping HR companies improve their visibility and establish their brands for nearly 15 years. HR and employee benefit solution providers, industry analysts, influencers and event organizers use HRmarketer to improve their brand visibility and overall marketing effectiveness, stay on top of industry trends and monitor competitive activity.