Marketing Software for the HR and Benefits Marketplace

HRmarketer software analyzes more HR marketplace data than anyone else. The software empowers our customers to take a scientific approach to marketing decision-making, giving them a competitive edge by reducing their reliance on the hunches so often associated with marketing. We provide HR and benefits solution providers, analysts, influencers and event organizers with information that helps them with their marketplace and competitive intelligence, media relations, event planning, content marketing and more.

Our software also helps HR and recruiting professionals discover relevant speaking opportunities, select the best events to attend, choose the right analysts and influencers to engage, find professional information, stay current with industry news, select vendors, and make connections to grow both their personal brands and their employers’ brands.

Our Approach

HRmarketer software includes three modules. Our Research databases give you the information you need — accurate and up-to-date — to run a more effective and smarter marketing and PR department. Our News Distribution makes media relations and sending press releases strategic, timely and easy. And our Insight technology delivers industry and business intelligence by analyzing the published online content and social data of the entire HR and benefits marketplace.

The Results

We’ve delivered measurable results to our customers for nearly 15 years. That’s why HR and employee benefit providers, industry analysts, influencers and event organizers use HRmarketer to improve their brand visibility and overall marketing effectiveness, stay on top of industry trends and monitor competitive activity. You should too. HRmarketer provides marketplace intelligence that simply can’t be gotten anywhere else. That’s not an exaggeration. Use HRmarketer to out-market the competition.