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Here’s the deal, and our story….

On a hike in Northern California back in 2001 I was thinking about an idea I had for a cool new HR business.  Having previously been in marketing with an HR tech company I realized that HR marketers had better and more important things to do than the administrative activities of researching events to attend, speaking opportunities and awards to apply for, find analysts and their briefing policies, maintain journalist lists and contact info (they move around), monitor when people write about their company and competitors, etc. Yet, that was exactly what every marketing department for every HR vendor has to do!  What a time suck.  Hmmm. What if I aggregated all of this information, put it onto the web and sold access to it for a fair price?  That’s a product.  So I hired a grad student from UCSC and a software developer and got started building HRmarketer.  Seven months later we launched our new product at SHRM Annual. It was a hit.

HRmarketer has changed a lot since those early days. HRmarketer now has a social media, influencer marketing and industry intelligence platform built for HR to help companies share the right content, follow the right people, identify and engage with relevant influencers and more. We also have an Advocacy platform for leveraging employees and brand supporters in social media efforts, and give sales teams social selling tools.

But one thing hasn’t changed. We still have really nice, awesome people. People always available to help. People knowledgeable about the HR, recruiting and talent management space. Heck, we go to 20 events per year – we know this industry! Got a marketing question? Call us. Anytime (the answer you get might pay for our software ten times over).  Find a software company that does that. – Mark Willaman, founder of HRmarketer

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Our Leadership

Mark Willaman
Mark WillamanFounder, Chief Customer Advocate
Interests: music, nature, running, SUP
Edward Wiley
Edward WileyEngineering and Software Development
Interests: Aikido, guitar
Rhonda Taylor
Rhonda TaylorVice President
Interests: Hockey (pioneer in the women’s hockey), hiking, fishing
Monica Meyer
Monica MeyerResearch & Data Integrity
Interests: Her Borzoi, gardening
Dawn Passaro
Dawn PassaroData Verifier
Interests: Music
Eric Anderson
Eric AndersonContent Development and Marketing
Interests: Reading, sports

HR Born and Bred

Since 2002, companies have relied on HRmarketer to help build awareness and interest in their products and employment brands. Our software includes up-to-date listings for conferences, speaking and award opportunities, media outlets, journalists, analysts and influencers, combined with business intelligence reports and a social marketing and advocacy platform — built for HR.

HRmarkter Team

Cara, the office dog.

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