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The Recruiting & Staffing Insightgraphic Series

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The Recruiting and Staffing Insightgraphic Series


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This Insightgraphic Series helps solution providers in the Recruiting and Staffing space understand the different resources that can help them increase their marketplace visibility. Not just any resources, but the best resources, as each infographic in the series is created using analysis from HRmarketer software’s Insight module…

The series details:

  1. The Top Advocates
    Getting these influencers to talk about your brand or share your content is a great way to get visibility in this space, and some may even refer potential clients; smart solution providers work to develop relationships with leading advocates via social media, at conferences, etc.
  2. The Top Media Outlets
    These media outlets will give you significant visibility online in this industry, so when you make your pitches, ensure that some of these publications are on your list.
  3. The Top Solution Providers
    Other solution providers can be a great source of visibility on social media, and sharing the content of these leading vendors in the space will encourage them to reciprocate.
  4. The Top Hashtags & Related Topics
    Increase your reach! Using these hashtags on Twitter and including the related topics in your content are easy ways to make it more likely your tweets and content will be found by HR audiences.


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About the Author:

Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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