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OK, You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What? How to #SpreadTheWord

Photo by Olu Eletu via

Photo by Olu Eletu via

A marketing consultant working on behalf of an HR technology vendor sent me the following email:

Hi Mark. I hope you are doing well. We are starting to generate some new blog content. We would like to get it published on other sites/blogs, so I’m wanting to find potential bloggers/social influencers to pitch individually. I’m wondering what the best approach is. Let me know what you think.

I’ve been asked this question so many times that I decided to answer it with a blog post. So here it goes. If you are new to B2B blogging and/or want to explore the possibility of having social influencers republish your blog content—read on.

First, let’s get two things clear:

  1. Posting your content on someone else’s blog usually only increases their site traffic, SEO and influence. And that’s only if you can find someone to agree to post your content. Which brings me to point two.
  2. Most of the real influencers whom you want to have republish your content don’t want it, and the ones who do want it are likely not the “influencers” whom you want your content housed with (not going to give you any real visibility).

Don’t get me wrong. It is super valuable to have an influencer write about you on their blog (if it’s done in a credible way). But don’t get your hopes up that an influencer is going to agree to simply republish your content. Not gonna happen.

What are you really wanting to do?

What are you really wanting to accomplish? Why do you want an influencer to publish your content in the first place? It’s because you want more people to see and engage with your brand and content. So the question you should be asking me is, “How can I get my new blog content seen by more people and talked about by influencers?”

The remainder of this blog post answers that question. But first, three things:

  1. Start by writing great content. It’s funny that companies don’t blink an eye about spending hundreds of dollars an hour on coding but settle for minimum-wage content writers. And it shows. Don’t skimp. Produce great content. Yeah, it can get expensive. But deal with it because your brand needs great content. I cannot emphasize that enough.
  2. Don’t make your blog content promotional. There is no faster way to increase abandonment rates on your blog and ruin your brand authenticity than using blog copy to peddle your stuff. If you want to get promotional, have a sidebar call-out for premium content or newsletter signup. At a minimum, make the CTA separate from the blog copy.
  3. Have a great blog platform. I’m partial to WordPress. Whatever you use, the platform should make it easy for people to share posts, comment and find related content. And add widgets, like this (share the post if you like it).
Brands think nothing about spending $$$$ on coding but settle for $ content writers. And it shows. Click To Tweet

Ok, now we’re ready to answer the question of how you can get your new blog content seen by more people and talked about by influencers.

Here is an example of a social marketing workflow to follow once you write a great blog post. (I’m going to assume you are blogging once per week. If you blog more often, simply repeat the steps.)

Push Number One

  • Publish to your own blog. Use a high-quality image and consider a few mention(s) of influencers in the post with a link to their related content if applicable.
  • Email the post via MailChimp — or whatever email program you have — to your blog subscribers if applicable.
  • Twitter: Publish 3 tweets several hours apart the day the blog is published with different messages, hashtags and an image. Then 1-2 additional tweets each day for 5 days, following the same rules from above and calling out any influencers whom you mentioned in the blog.
  • Facebook: Share once on your company page with an image (same image from your blog post) and link to the blog post. If you have a Facebook Group, do the same.
  • LinkedIn: Share once on your company page with an image and link to blog post.

A few days later…….

  • LinkedIn Pulse: Not every post merits a re-publish on your personal LinkedIn page. The best ones do. Wait a few days after your original blog post and then “Publish” on LinkedIn Pulse. Don’t make it an exact copy — make a few edits and change the title.  (BTW, there is a lot of debate about about reposting your content on other sites hurts your SEO. I tend to agree with those who say it doesn’t so long as you don’t repost on the same site twice and use good judgment. This blog by Kim Cooper @FullyMarketed does a great job dissecting the issue of duplicate content.) 
  • Consider a post on relevant LinkedIn Groups with a personal message about why the blog post is relevant and a link to the post.
Extend the reach of your branding by republishing your best blogs on LinkedIn Pulse

Extend the reach of your branding by republishing your best blogs on LinkedIn Pulse

Two very important reminders:

  1. All your social shares should use a short/trackable URL so that you can measure engagement. Be sure to use a different trackable URL for each blog post, and make sure you can measure engagement on each social channel you share.
  2. Ask company team members who are on social to engage with above posts (share, favorite, etc.) on their own networks. This can make a huge difference in your reach.

Get it Done! Social sm

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The week after you publish your blog post you can begin push two.

Push Number Two

  • Twitter: Schedule 1-2 tweets each week for the next several months. Ideally, each post should have a different message and image. And use a variety of hashtags.
  • Look for commenting opportunities on influencer blogs, LinkedIn and Quora (e.g., here is a recruiting Q&A). Here are some commenting tips (scroll down to bottom).
  • Consider syndicating your blog content via a sites like Lifehacker. If you are in the HR or recruiting space, republish (but first edit so it’s not an exact duplicate) on sites like RecruitingBlogs and (requires free registration before you can publish content). If your content is technology related, post it on SmartData Collective. You can also apply to be a contributor on Talentculture, a very popular talent management media outlet. Also consider other guest blogging sites (general list).


  • Update older (popular) blogs from the last 12-24 months to make them more current and repeat steps from above. Back in 2012 we published a post titled The Top HR Twitter #Hashtags that was so popular that we updated it and posted it again in subsequent years with great results.


  • Create speaking prospectus (based on your blog content) and pitch to podcasters and conferences. See speaking tips in our case study, “How To Generate Standout Returns From Speaking.”
  • Consider a webinar(s) based on popular blog topics.

Parting Words

Republishing your content on other sites is OK but the best long-term strategy is to write great non-promotional content and post to your own blog and promote it aggressively via all of your social channels. This is how you build an online brand and increase engagement with your brand. As always, if you have questions about anything I wrote, connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s talk. 

So, You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What? How to #SpreadTheWord Click To Tweet
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