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Most Mentioned Twitter IDs At HR Conferences

In a previous post we listed the top 10 conferences in the HR (and related) space that generated the most Twitter engagement. This post provides a ranking of the Most Mentioned Twitter IDs across all the 1,000+ HR events that HRmarketer Insight software

We created this list because we believe a list of Twitter IDs that are getting the most exposure across many HR industry events would trump all other “influencer” lists.

Are they influencers? That’s up to you to decide. There are no absolutes in influencer marketing. It’s part science, part art with a lot of subjectivity. One thing for certain: these brands are highly visible and getting a lot of engagement at a lot of different events which is a reflection of just how widespread their social marketing and reach is.  That said, this list is NOT intended to be an influencer list! We truly dislike influencer lists because more often than not the lists are junk.  This is a list of the Most Mentioned Twitter IDs.  Our methodology was simple:

1. Our data set was all the Tweets that included a hashtag from any of the 1,000+ HR and related conference hashtags streamed by HRmarketer Insight software over a 12-month period. About 1.7 million tweets.

2. We ranked the Twitter IDs by how often they were mentioned across all the event hashtags. Mentions are typically earned and a lot harder to game so we chose mentions over tweet volume.

3. Twitter IDs had to be mentioned at at least 5 different events. It wasn’t enough to be mentioned at one event. Tony Rocha (@RealTonyRocha) who is followed by millions of people was mentioned thousands of times at one event. Tony isn’t eligible for the list (sorry Tony).  Rob Lowe (@roblowe) who is followed by 1.23 million people was mentioned  717 times at the Globoforce #WorkHuman conference and twice at #SHRM15 but none others.  Rob isn’t eligible for the list (sorry Rob).

Including only those Twitter IDs that were mentioned frequently across many HR events increased the likelihood that the person or brand had some relevance to the HR industry.

Once we generated the list, we grouped Twitter IDs into the following categories:

  1. Associations (e.g., the organization putting on the event)
  2. Vendors (e.g., the exhibitors)
  3. Media (e.g., publishers)
  4. Celebrities (e.g., keynotes with widespread influence and recognition outside the industry)
  5. Analysts/Influencers (e.g., not a celebrity but deep knowledge whose influence resides within the industry)

One final note: Please, no complaints about not being on a list or your ranking.  It is what it is. The data is not subjective. It’s fact.

OK, the lists:

@SHRM @HIMSS @WFFHQ @Human_Capital @PublicHealth @health2con @CIPD @atd @APA @CIPD_Events @HRTechWorld @HRTechConf @AmericanTelemed @AMIAinformatics @WorldatWork


@Workday @Ceridian @hirevue @Informatica @UltimateHCM @OracleHCM @LinkedIn @ADP @Cerner @Globoforce @PeopleFluent @IBM @Benefitfocus @TalentWise @Glassdoor @ConstellationRG @Gartner_inc @CAinc @CornerstoneInc @smashfly @HRmarketer (hey, we made the list) @Monster @octanner @Ceridian_UK


The Most Mentioned Twitter IDs At #HR #Recruiting #Benefits Conferences Click To Tweet

@HealthITNews @blogging4jobs @Forbes @TrainingMagUS @TalentCulture


@mwbuckingham @morningmika @richardbranson @ErikWahl @tim_cook @MarkVHurd @DanielPink @shawnachor @ariannahuff @lindseypollak


* Why celebrities?  Many industry conferences hire known personalities from outside the HR industry (celebrities) as speakers.  

@nickreeldx @WTBunting @rwang0 @JenniferMcClure @sbrownehr @TimSackett @Josh_Bersin @MandiBPro @RasuShrestha @SteveBoese @holgermu @StacyZapar @ahier @BillBoorman @wareFLO @mattcharney @mfaulkner43 @MeghanMBiro @drnic1 @2healthguru @KatColeATL @TrishMcFarlane @kris_dunn @williamtincup @jasonaverbook


* Some people aren’t recognizable “HR” names because many analyzed conferences are healthcare/benefits events (attended by HR people).  

Most Followers (Bonus list: people with most followers that were mentioned at a minimum of one event)
@BarackObama @taylorswift13 @TheEllenShow @ddlovato @Pink @BillGates @jessicaalba @richardbranson @billclinton @LennyKravitz


@LennyKravitz was mentioned (a lot) at the Cornerstone 2015 conference (#CSODConf15)

@LennyKravitz was mentioned a lot at ONE event: Cornerstone 2015 conference (#CSODConf15)

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Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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