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A Must-Have Resource for Planning Your HR Marketing

The French writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Similarly, marketing to HR without a plan is merely wishful thinking. To achieve great marketing results, and to grow your business, you need a good marketing plan.

A good marketing plan also helps you stay organized and adhere to a ‘process’ of regular scheduled marketing activities – the opposite of the shoot-from-the-hip strategy when you are in a constant reactionary mode and stressed to the max.

To help you develop a good marketing plan, we created this three-page “Sample HR Marketing Plan.” It’s a planning guide covering all of the core aspects of quality HR marketing—including infrastructure and content development. It will help you get organized, create a list of marketing activities suitable for your business, and stick to a disciplined schedule of constant action (what your brand needs to stand out in the crowded HR marketplace).

Download your “Sample HR Marketing Plan” (and request an interactive Google Sheets version), or click the image below for the PDF.

A Must-Have Resource for Planning Your #HR #Marketing. Get the PDF Click To Tweet

Note: This is a planning resource. Not every activity listed is going to be appropriate for every HR vendor. And your business may invest in activities not listed on this PDF. We included the core marketing activities that most established HR solution providers should be investing in. The amount invested in each activity will vary depending on your growth stage, product category and size of a business. For what it’s worth, most companies in the HR industry spend between 5–10% of revenue on marketing. Good luck!

Click the image to download the PDF

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Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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