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#HotInHR: Sexual Harassment Complaint Process Goes Private, Finland Ending Basic Income Experiment …

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Sexual Harassment Cases Go Uncounted as Complaint Process Goes Private (Bloomberg)

Even as women have begun speaking out about sexual harassment at work, the number of official complaints to state and federal regulators hit a two-decade low in 2017.
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Tags: Sexual Harassment

Let This Former Googler Help You Tap The Science Of Persuasion (Fast Company)

Drawing on a large body of brain science and psychological research, this tech expert explains why the most persuasive people spoil surprises on purpose.
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Tags: Science of Persuasion

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Trending Topics

Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Will End in 2019 (Fortune)
Finland’s universal basic income experiment will end next year, and lawmakers there are quietly moving toward a different welfare approach.
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Tags: Basic Income, Finland

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Featured Conference

EBrandCon – Employee Branding Strategies Conference, May 22 – 24, 2018 San Diego, CA
#EBrandCon focuses on applying lessons learned from consumer marketing to employer branding & recruitment marketing, best practices in employer branding and more.
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Conference Recap

#SHRMTalent: Planes, Trains, Ice Creepers and a GMC Yukon. A recap via @Social_Rhonda
Here’s a summary (includes video collage) from SHRM’s biggest Talent Conference ever.  Read more.

Did You Know?

Tuesday is May Day.  For many in the northern hemisphere, the first of May is celebrated for several reasons  including the celebration of spring – a tradition that comes from the Pagan festival of Beltane. Learn more.

Term of the Week

Chatbots (Bots): A bot (short for robot) is an application that runs a series of automated scripts, designed to simulate conversation with human users – e.g., to screen or interact with job applicants, answer employee’s benefits questions, etc.
Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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