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#HotInHR: Arbitration Fight Isn’t Over, Are Your Employees Ready for GDPR?

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Supreme Court backs employers over workers in first of two major labor cases (USA Today)

The Supreme Court dealt an initial blow to millions of workers in the first of two major disputes this term pitting corporations against labor unions.
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RelatedSCOTUS decision on class action waivers is not the epic win for employers it may seem to be (Ohio Employer Law Blog)
RelatedThe Arbitration Fight Isn’t Over (Slate Magazine)
Tags: Arbitration, Employment Law

Companies may think they are ready for GDPR, but their employees are not (ZDNet)

While EU organizations have been scrambling to meet the GDPR deadline, more than half their employees are not ready, according to a UK survey from Egress Software Technologies.
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Related: Demystifying GDPR: Separating fact from fiction (Venture Beat)
Tags: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

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Trending Topics

New Dallas Mavericks CEO Has A Big Job Ahead Of Her (NPR) 
CEO Cynthia Marshall greeted about 30 people as they filed into the training session. The business at hand was serious – reforming a toxic workplace. But for Marshall, the path to reform is lined with high fives, hanging out and getting people pumped the way she did a long time ago as a cheerleader at UC Berkeley.
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Tags: Leadership

Is Capital or Labor Winning at Your Favorite Company? Introducing the Marx Ratio (New York Times) 
Publicly held corporations now must disclose their median employee compensation. Those numbers gave us an idea for a new analytical approach to an age-old struggle.
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Tags: General Business, Employee Compensation

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Did You Know?

TODAY is Memorial Day, a federal holiday, a federal holiday in honor and remembrance of all men and woman who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It also marks the unofficial start of the summer vacation season which ends on Labor Day.

Here are five little known history facts about Memorial Day.

Term of the Week

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR): An informal process to resolve disputes. Involved parties meet with a trained third party who assists in resolving the problem by arbitration, mediation, judicial settlement conferences, conciliation or other methods. Though usually voluntary, ADR is sometimes mandated by a judge as a first step before going to court.
Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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