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#HotInHR: Why Google Rejects Thousands of Resumes Weekly, Details on Lazlo Bock’s HR Startup …

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Week in Review – Popular Content

Ex-Googler Laszlo Bock offers details on his HR startup Humu 

After human-resources guru Laszlo Bock transformed Google’s workplace into the envy of the corporate world and left in 2016, many in Silicon Valley wondered what was next.
Details were scarce even after Bock revealed last year that he was working on a startup called Humu that was connected to human resources management.
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Why Does Google Reject Thousands Of Resumes Automatically Every Week?

Getting hired in Google, in all over sounds amazing given the alluring pay and being immensely adept in one to many skills, but it can be one hell of a daunting process. As told in the words of Laszlo Bock, former Senior Vice President of People Operation for Google, “good grades don’t hurt“, but for Google “GPAs and test scores are worthless as criteria for hiring“.
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Social Marketing Best Practices for HR Conferences and Trade Shows 
Ranking HR Conferences By Total Tweets and Influencer Engagement is one of HRmarketer’s more popular blog posts. It highlights the important role that social media — particularly Twitter — plays in HR conference communications.
This post offers tips for participating in a conference’s social media conversations—including specific things to do before, during and after the event.
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Term of the Week

Cognitive Computing: In general, the term refers to how software can mimic the functioning of the human brain to help improve decision-making. In HR, cognitive computing refers to a host of self-learning systems that in theory, can use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to help organizations automate HR processes/systems and improve talent related decision making – e.g., tools that ‘predict’ high potential job candidates.
Learn more at the Glossary of HR and Employee Benefit Terms.

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