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HRmarketer Software Update: New Functionality Released to Advocacy

HRmarketer has a new employee and brand advocacy platform. Tim Sackett says “I’m a gigantic fan of this technology! It’s like Employee and Brand Advocacy on steroids!” Sharlyn Lauby says it helps companies build a “social recruiting army.” Red Branch Media says, “We could not be happier with HRmarketer Advocacy — it measures accountability for social sharing among groups and understanding which of your employees is driving more employer branding and/or sales.”

If you’re not familiar with HRmarketer Advocacy, the platform makes it super easy for you to leverage your own internal teams and outside stakeholders to get your content, jobs, news and other messages seen and engaged with by more people — and to measure the results. In other words, it helps you make your marketing and employer branding a team effort!

Why does advocacy matter?

  • Awareness and Scale: Whether you have 10 or 10K employees, each person can help communicate information important to your organization — and grow visibility and interest in things important to your organization. And your employees have networks — big networks — that you’re not reaching through traditional brand channels.
  • Earned Media Value: The reach you get through advocacy is pennies on the dollar compared to what you’ll spend on advertising to get similar reach.
  • Trust and Credibility: People believe people before they will ever believe a brand.
  • Engagement: Content shared by employees receives 8 TIMES more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

Seriously, it’s a no brainer. If you are not using HRmarketer Advocacy, please let us give you a 15-minute preview. The tool is so simple and intuitive that 15 minutes is all the time needed to understand the functionality and determine if it may be a fit for your business.

If you are a current customer, here are three new enhancements we just released. Enjoy! And stay tuned for a lot more amazingly cool new functionality coming this summer.

1. Public Leaderboards: Making the leaderboard (group activity) visible to all group members allows group members to view each other’s total number of clicks on shared items, and what items each group member shared. This is a precursor to an innovative new “point”’ system we are rolling out this summer. Go to your Group settings to select Yes to make your group activity/leaderboard visible to all group members.

2. View Other Group Members’ Shares: On your group timelines, each content item has an icon showing the % of group members who have shared the item. Clicking this icon allows group members to see which other group members have shared the content and the clicks and engagement they received from those shares.  That’s fun, but the real value of being able to view other group members’ shares on social media is it allows people to easily like, retweet, reshare, favorite or comment on those shares to further maximize the reach and engagement of posted content.

3. Auto-Post Feed Articles to Group: HRmarketer Advocacy allows you to add feeds and one-click to view new content from those feeds.

​Now, Advocacy users may automatically post new articles from a feed to a group timeline with a personal note instructing advocates what to do with the new content, as well as determine how to notify group members of the new content and to select the maximum number of new articles to post to the group per day.

That’s it for now. To learn more about HRmarketer Advocacy and our other cool software click here.

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About the Author:

Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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