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#SHRM18 Recap Told Through Tweets

SHRM Annual 2018 set some records. There were over 700 exhibitors and about 17,000+ paid attendeesleaving no doubt that SHRM is the largest human

resources conference globally. Prior to the conference we published our Conference Twitter Primer which listed all of the Twitter ID’s for the speakers and sponsors — helping companies to engage with #SHRM on Twitter. We also partnered with SHRM to provide a free webinar discussing social marketing best practices for the event.  It must have helped because there were:

Hashtag: #SHRM18
Total Tweets: 38,932
Total Retweets: 17,145
Unique Tweeters: 6,639
Total Reach: 18,259,870

That’s a lot of Twitter activity!  This means nearly one third of the total attendees tweeted for a reach of nearly 20 million.  Yes indeed, HR is on Twitter.  Here is the story of those tweets:

Other Hashtags Used With #SHRM18

There were 2,659 other hashtags used in tweets with #SHRM18. The top 25 were:

  1. HR
  2. SHRM18Blogger
  3. Nextchat
  4. shrm
  5. hrtribe
  6. togetherforward
  7. FADVglobal
  8. dreambig
  9. aspiretoachieve
  10. Chicago
  11. GlobalReach
  12. HROnPurpose
  13. NotAtSHRM18
  14. worktrends
  15. SHRM18Bloggers
  16. leadership
  17. SHRM18Steps
  18. HRSocialHour
  19. ExpandYourWorld
  20. SHRMStore
  21. SHRM19
  22. hrtech
  23. recruiting
  24. business
  25. HRHighSteppers

Most Popular Content Shared With #SHRM18

There were 575 articles shared in tweets with the #SHRM18 hashtag. Top ten based on retweets:

  1. #SHRM18 – Johnny Taylor is the Exciting Leader HR has Needed! « The Tim Sackett Project
  2. It’s Time! #SHRM18
  4. 10 Things I Am Packing in My #SHRM18 Conference Bag
  5. 7 Ways to Have An Amazing #SHRM18 Experience
  6. “We Can’t Find Talent!” Stop it! You sound dumb! #SHRM18 « The Tim Sackett Project
  7. Expand Your World — Introducing the #SHRM18 Bloggers
  8. #SHRM18 Opportunities for SHRM-Certified Attendees
  9. SHRM CEO Urges HR Pros to Dream Big
  10. Social Gravity – A #SHRM18 Interview with Joe Gerstandt

Most Popular Tweets Using #SHRM18

Tweets from Scott Cullather, SHRMJodie CunninghamSharlyn LaubyKate BischoffMary Faulkner, TriNet

Top 44 – Who Tweeted The Most With #SHRM18

Top 44 – Who Was @Mentioned The Most With #SHRM18

Download the complete #SHRM18 Twitter Recap Here.

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