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Webinar Recap: Why Research Matters: Building a Robust Employer Brand

Susan LaMotte, founder and ceo, exaqueo

Our monthly Employer Branding webinar series, in partnership with, features monthly employer branding and talent acquisition experts discussing various topics related to employer branding and employee advocacy. We sponsor these webinars to bring attention to our employee advocacy software, HRmarketer Advocacy (which customers also use for social selling, brand advocacy and micro-influencer marketing). If you want to learn about the power of employee advocacy for your employment brand, please schedule a demo.

Our guest for this month’s webinar was Susan LaMotte, CEO, founder and ceo of exaqueo, an employer brand firm.

The webinar title was: Why Research Matters: Building a Robust Employer Brand. Some feedback we received from webinar attendees:

I loved the way the market research process was transferred to the HR function

I “fell into” HR after college, but majored in Marketing. [The webinar] helped jog my memory in a lot of ways, especially how to think like a brand manager. I also appreciated Susan pointing out that executives want and/or need to sell based on how they look at the brand. However, this may lead to not getting the candidates if the message isn’t honest and authentic.

Understanding more about employees as a whole person, outside of work, and how that impacts who/what they bring to work.

To build an employer brand is to understand the authentic employment experience of the employees you most want to replicate. By conducting employer brand research with employees, you have the opportunity to learn what they value most about the employment experience and how well the company delivers. They share details about what influences their choice to take and keep a job, and, can provide valuable insight about job search patterns and habits. In the webinar, Susan LaMotte explored why research matters, how to build a research plan for your employer brand, and the importance of ongoing research to drive brand activation and management.

The questions we asked Susan during the webinar included:

Q1: Why does research matter when doing employer branding?

Q2: How does research set-up the brand build?

Q3: What kind of research should we be doing?

Q4: What’s one of the most important things to measure?

Q5: What else should we consider measuring?

Q6: Real-time examples of why research matters.

Download the webinar slides here. Watch the webinar archive below.

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