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Introducing the PEOPLE Module on HRmarketer Software

One of the more popular features on HRmarketer software is our directory/listings of HR media outlets, press contacts, analysts and influencers.

Recently, we began the migration of these listings into our new HRmarketer mobile-friendly software platform — where  HRmarketer Advocacy (Advos) resides and where we recently moved our Conferences and Speaking listings. Over the next several months we’ll be migrating all of our legacy HRmarketer Research and Insight features into this powerful new platform.

This blog post describes our new PEOPLE module — what we call the module where we moved the listings of HR media outlets, press contacts, analysts and influencers.

When first arriving at PEOPLE, you will notice everything is accessible from a single page. The listings of analysts, analyst firms, media outlets and press contacts are on the upper right of  the page. You can also quickly search for a specific person, outlet or  analyst firm directly from this page. We’ve also included a unique “Rainmakers” directory of the top 100 industry influencers.

You’ll also notice on this page that you can search for “people” who are writing content or tweeting on any “topic.” A topic can be anything: Artificial Intelligence (HR topic), IBM (company name), Josh Bersin (person’s name), HR Technology Conference (event name), etc.  You can also filter your searches by who is writing or tweeting on the topic: anyone, media, press, analyst, vendor.

You can also publish any content you find to an Advocacy (Advos) group you manage, helping to simplify collaboration amongst teams and making it easy to involve your teams in sharing content.

Plus, you can view detailed profiles for anyone you find on the PEOPLE module: an analyst, analyst firm, media outlet, press contact, vendor, influencer or anyone else who is writing about or sharing HR-related information. Here is my own profile. The default sections on a profile include:

  • Name and contact information and email if available
  • Bio
  • Notes (e.g., briefing policies if you are an analyst, topics you cover if you are a press contact)
  • Recent tweets
  • Recent articles (that the person has authored)
  • Conferences attended (with links to the conferences’ profiles on HRmarketer)
  • Whom the person recently engaged with on Twitter and who engaged with them.

Other useful features on PEOPLE

  • Export press lists (with emails and notes) for major media in the HR marketplace and the general business trades and news sites.
  • Export analyst lists (with contact info and briefing policies)
  • View a list of HR-related podcasts (about 60) including contact info and links to recent episodes.

So what?

Sure, there is lot’s of great information in this PEOPLE module and the EVENTS module. But what is the business value? In short, we’re building a one-stop platform for anyone that works in the human capital marketplace (especially in a marketing role), making it super easy for businesses to access the information they need to be more strategic with their marketing, track their competition and other “people” in HR they care about, and discover (and be notified) of opportunities for visibility. And with Advocacy (Advos), involving your team members and other stakeholders in pushing out content to grow both their personal brands and the company’s. All within one platform.

What’s next?

Over the next few months we will be migrating the remaining HRmarketer directories/listings (Awards and Buyer Guides) and all of the social marketing functionality and measurement tools from Insight into this integrated responsive platform.

Since our launch in the early 2000s we’ve worked hard to compile the information our customers need to be more effective and strategic marketers and provide the tools to use that information to grow more awareness of their products — and just be smarter about what’s happening in the HR industry day-to-day. That continues to be our focus, along with introducing analytics to help companies measure marketing success and benchmark against competitors.  So, we will soon be introducing:

  • Dashboards that help companies measure the effectiveness of their marketing versus competitors (e.g., where your company ranks in terms of coverage and/or engagement by industry media, analysts and influencers).
  • Notifications telling you the events your competitors are participating in, articles mentioning your company name, new content written by ‘people’ you care about, the latest content for topics you’re interested in — and much more.

Stay tuned…and if you would like to schedule a demo of HRmarketer, please contact us.

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About the Author:

Mark is the founder and ceo of HRmarketer.

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