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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy2018-06-23T11:22:34+00:00

In this ever-tightening labor market, smart employers are working hard to improve their employer brands but facing two challenges: getting their messages in front of potential candidates and convincing potential candidates that they aren’t just saying that they’re a great place to work. A powerful solution to these challenges is to get employees highly involved in social sharing of branding content, as their combined social networks have tremendous reach and their credibility with potential candidates is high.

However, unleashing the potential of employees in employer branding has been easier said than done—until Advocacy. Gone are the days of sending easy-to-ignore emails urging people to share your branding content. With Advocacy, employers facilitate, encourage and monitor employee participation in social sharing of branding content, and measure the results. They can see who their best brand champions are, as well as who isn’t participating, and have more control over the content that gets shared. The end result: more employee involvement, more visibility, and a better employer brand.

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