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How To Use HRmarketer

How To Use HRmarketer2018-08-18T16:34:06+00:00

At HRmarketer we’ve always been about great data. These video tutorials show you how HRmarketer Research and Insight software data can help you market to HR – better.

How to Personalize Your HRmarketer Insight Software

You must personalize HRmarketer Insight software to get the most value from it’s features. There are seven ways to personalize HRmarketer Insight: (1) Connecting your social accounts (2) Entering topics relevant to your business (3) Adding Twitter IDs of brands that you want to monitor – like competitors (4) Adding some hashtags (5) Adding some feeds (6) Adding some content you expect to share often (7) Creating some custom Twitter lists.

HRmarketer Insight Sharing Tool and Toolbar Widget

The Social Sharing Widget on HRmarketer is a powerful social sharing tool that helps you be more productive and strategic with your social marketing. You can add shared content to campaigns, schedule shares, access pre-saved schedules, view your scheduled shares, get hashtag recommendations, insert your own saved hashtags, one-click @Mention others and a whole lot more. Learn how to use it.

HRmarketer Insight Saved Sharing Schedules

Learn how to create custom Sharing Schedules for content that you want to share multiple times, across multiple social channels at different dates/times (including the ability to assign a unique trackable URL for each individual share within a campaign).

Find Twitter IDs Bookmarklet

Use the new HRmarketer social productivity bookmarklet to find Twitter accounts on a web page – then save them to a list or export to CSV. You can also use this feature with the HRmarketer sharing tool to add found Twitter account(s) to a tweet.

Creating and Using Custom Twitter Lists In HRmarketer Insight

Learn how to create and use Custom Twitter Lists within HRmarketer Insight to better communicate with people and brands on Twitter, including one-click adding them to your social shares.

Get it Done!

Get it Done! is a new approach to social and content marketing where the software automates the administrative tasks so you can focus on the strategic stuff. Give Get it Done! 15 minutes and get hours returned to your day – and watch your brand visibility grow.

Find and Share Great Content – And Pick the Best Hashtags

Learn how to use the HRmarketer Social Sharing and Analytics to find and share great content across your social sites – and measure engagement.

The New HRmarketer Events Feature – Hashtags on Steroids

Learn how a HRmarketer customer used the new Insight Events Module to identify the best conferences to attend, exhibit at, and or speak.

Find Speaking Opportunities In The HR Marketplace

Speaking at HR events is a great way to build your visibility. The good news is there are thousands of speaking opportunities in the human resource marketplace each year. Watch this video and find out how HRmarketer can help you find speaking opportunities – better.

Find HR Analysts & Influencers Offering Product Briefings

Scheduling product briefings with industry analysts and influencers is a critical part of any HR technology vendor’s marketing plan. Watch this video and find out how HRmarketer can help you find briefing opportunities.

Find HR Media Outlets Accepting New Product & People Announcements

Getting your new product and new hire announcements into the trade publications your buyers read is a great way to generate visibility. Watch this video and find out how HRmarketer can help you find media outlets that accept new product & people announcements.

Stay Up-to-Date With Topics That Are Important To Your HR Business

Monitoring the published content and conversations taking place on social that relate to your company is an important task for any marketing department. And there are a lot more conversations and published content than you may realize – and that means more marketing opportunities for you. Watch this video and find out how HRmarketer can help you stay up-to-date with topics important to your business.

Comment On HR Blogs, News Stories And Articles – Find The Right Ones

Commenting on HR blogs, news stories and articles is a great way to grow your online visibility and improve your SEO. There are thousands of opportunities, as every day there are more than 5,000 new pieces of content published around the world relating to HR — and HRmarketer analyzes all of them. Watch this video and find out how HRmarketer can help you find the right blogs, news stories and articles to comment on.

Find Byline Article Placement Opportunities For Your HR and Benefits Content

Placing byline articles in media outlets that HR professionals and business executives read is a great way to promote your thought leadership and build your brand visibility. Fortunately, many media outlets that have formal guidelines for accepting outside or contributed content, and HRmarketer tracks them all. Watch this video to find out how HRmarketer can help you find byline article placement opportunities.

Find Hashtags to Improve the Reach, Visibility and Engagement of Your Social Shares

Choosing the right hashtags for your social shares can improve the reach and visibility of those shares and drive more engagement to your content. There are thousands of hashtags to select from, but HRmarketer’s Insight software intelligently recommends hashtags for you – based on the content you’re sharing. Watch this video to find out how HRmarketer can help you pick the right hashtags.

Find Topics That Are Important To Your Business

Keeping up with the latest content about topics relating to your business is important for your own research, content marketing and networking efforts. This video shows you how HRmarketer can help you cut through the clutter and noise to find the right content to engage with.

Build a Targeted List of Influencers

When you build a targeted list of influencers, you identify people actively engaged with topics important to your business. The targeted list helps you keep track of them, connect with them easily via social media and find content they are sharing, which helps you to both stay up-to-date with the topics and find great content to share.

Build Targeted Media Lists for News Distribution

Targeted media lists are an important aspect of effective marketing communications and public relations. They increase the potential visibility of your news or message by ensuring it is sent at the right time to the right media members. For those who are likely to be interested in what you have to say are also the most likely to be responsive and receptive to your news or message, and to help spread the word.

Publish News Releases to Communicate Important News

When you publish news releases online to major search engines and other sites HR people visit, you are able to communicate important news about your company and products to media organizations, influencers, clients and prospects; gain online visibility; and build brand awareness.

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