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Make Your Marketing and Employer Branding a Team Effort

Help your marketing and employer branding efforts succeed — get your employees and outside stakeholders involved. HRmarketer Advocacy makes it easy. Multiply your reach. Get more people to engage. Improve your results.

There’s no limit to the ways that employees and outside stakeholders can advocate for your company, but there are two primary uses for HRmarketer Advocacy software.

  1. Improve Your Employer Brand — Any organization can say it’s a great place to work. When employees share your employer branding content and show pride in being part of your organization, people will believe your company is a great place to work.
  2. Improve Your Marketing Results — Your organization’s social media accounts are important marketing tools. But when interested employees and outside stakeholders share your content, you reach their social networks, too.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, each person can help communicate information important to your organization — and grow visibility and interest in things important to your organization.

HRmarketer Advocacy make it super easy for you to leverage your own internal teams and outside stakeholders to get your content, jobs, news and other messages seen and engaged with by more people.

Why Advocacy Matters

  • Awareness and Scale: Whether you have 10 or 10K employees, each person can help communicate information important to your organization — and grow visibility and interest in things important to your organization. And your employees have networks — big networks — that you’re not reaching through traditional brand channels.
  • Earned Media Value: The reach you get through advocacy is pennies on the dollar compared to what you’ll spend on advertising to get similar reach.
  • Trust and Credibility: People believe people before they will ever believe a brand.
  • Engagement: Content shared by employees receives 8 TIMES more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

Getting Started Is Easy!

Create Group & Invite Advocates
Create an advocacy group and invite members to join. There’s no limit to the number of groups you can create.  Choose to integrate with Google Analytics to view traffic driven to your website from your advocacy group, and which advocates are driving the traffic. Also select whether or not to make leaderboards public or create monthly contests.

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Publish Information To Group Timeline
Push content to the group’s timeline: articles to share, people to engage with, job openings — anything. Group members notified when new items posted to timeline. You can also auto-post new articles from a feed to the group timeline with a personal note asking the advocates to share the content

Spread the Word
Group members are notified of new postings and can share the information to their social networks. Group members may also click to view other advocates shares and one-click engage with their shares to further maximize reach.

View Analytics
View the most shared and clicked content, what advocates shared the items, who generated the most clicks, drove conversions and more.

Check out our recent feature enhancements!

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Social Selling: Use Advocacy To Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

Sales representatives need to develop their own personal brand that is in harmony with the corporate brand. Their name and their wealth of knowledge needs to be seen on social media by potential buyers. Advocacy allows marketing to feed the sales team content to share strategically out on their social media channels — allowing sales teams to leverage their personal social channels in an authentic way with content that delivers value. Combine great content with a clear call to action, trackable links and a streamlined landing page can help close more deals.

The Best Customer Support

We don’t just send you a username and password and make you figure it out. We assign a dedicated account team to onboard you. If you’re using HRmarketer Advocacy for employer branding, we’ll even provide an employer branding expert/consultant to help you strategically link HRmarketer Advocacy to your employer branding initiatives.

I’m a gigantic fan of this technology! It’s like Employee Brand Advocacy on Steroids!

HRmarketer Advocacy automates the entire brand advocacy function. What I like about the HRmarketer Advocacy platform is that it is priced to get people to test it, super easy to create as many employee groups as you want, Advocates don’t have to live inside the platform, and it measures the analytics so you have real data on the effectiveness of various content you share. I’m a gigantic fan of this technology! – Tim Sackett,  President at HRU Technical Resources

What others say about HRmarketer Advocacy:

  • “HRmarketer Advocacy is a game changer” – Kevin Grossman, CEO Talent Board.
  • “We could not be happier with HRmarketer Advocacy — it measures  accountability for social sharing among groups and understanding which of your employees is driving more employer branding and/or sales.” – Red Branch Media
  • “HRmarketer Advocacy can help you build a social recruiting army”. – Sharlyn Lauby, SHRM-SCP, president of ITM Group Inc.
  • “HRmarketer Advocacy is a seamless way to collaborate on social. We took a non-social audience and made them social in a day.” – Ewing Gillaspy, IBM
  • More reviews on Capterra

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Includes HR and Employer Branding Data

HRmarketer Advocacy comes loaded with verified HR and employer branding data that helps you stay on top of your game. We deliver the latest HR and employer branding content to your dashboard each day: speaking and award opportunities, conferences, the latest content  and more.

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