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Business Intelligence

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What events are your competitors are attending?  What events are analysts and influencers going to?  Who is engaging with

Brand comparison reports provide a wealth of data to to help you understand your brand’s social performance versus a competitor.

your competition, but not you? Who are the right influencers for your brand to target?  What’s your company’s share of voice in conversations involving topics relevant to your brand (e.g., candidate experience)?  What is the most popular content and news for topics important to you?

HRmarketer has the answers. Our Business Intelligence (BI) reports include:

  • Brand Comparison: Side-by-side comparison of your brand’s social activity and engagement versus that of a competitor.
  • Event Hashtag Reports: Tweet transcripts, user lists with bios, most mentioned people, topics discussed and shared content for any HR-related conference, Twitter chats and more.
  • Twitter List Engagement: Sharing activity of your team members and/or sales team members, versus assigned lists. Monitor how often your team members engage with each person on your lists.
  • Twitter Overview: How active a brand is on Twitter, their most popular shared content, whom they mentioned and who mentioned them, who they newly engaged with, hashtags they used, conferences they engaged with, and the domains they shared.

Sales Nurturing

We make it easy for your sales team to stay engaged with prospects. Assign Twitter accounts to sales reps and each time they login they’ll see a dashboard of: whom the prospect(s) recently followed, recent tweets, content they shared, conferences they engaged with and whom the prospect(s) mentioned – making it easy for the reps to engage with each prospect.

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