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Annual Software License

  • Information Directories
  • Social Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advocacy
  • Unlimited “Live” Support

NOTE: HRmarketer software licenses require annual commitment

We make it simple. All annual software licenses include all features. Your only upgrades are when you want to add more licenses or more people to your Advocacy initiatives.

Want more advocates or multiple licenses? Contact us.  We also offer non-profit and start-up discounts.

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Mark Willaman, founder, ceo and chief customer advocate, HRmarketer

You won’t find any software company with better customer support than HRmarketer — you have my word on that. As an HRmarketer customer you have access to anyone at our company to get the most from our software and answer your questions about the HR marketplace. You can’t put a price on experience and with HRmarketer, you get decades of HR industry expertise and experience (and awesome software).

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