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Sample HR Marketing Plan

Sample HR Marketing Plan2018-04-06T12:47:56+00:00

How HRmarketer Can Help

This PDF document outlines suggested marketing activities for HR solution providers, and how HRmarketer can help support the various activities.

Keep in mind that not every activity is appropriate for every business. Some businesses invest in fewer, some in more. However, in our experience these are the core marketing activities that most established HR solution providers invest in – although the amount invested in each activity varies considerably depending on the growth cycle, category and size of a business. Most companies in our industry spend between 5–10% of revenue on marketing.

Download the PDF by clicking the image below.

You may also complete the registration form below to download this document as an interactive Google Sheet so that you can input your own activities and investment amounts.  And be sure to schedule a demo of HRmarketer – regardless of your marketing budget size or the number of marketing activities you invest in, HRmarketer software can help you be a better HR marketer.

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